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Utilizing Queues with Laravel on Shared Hosting

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In scenarios where the installation of supervisor for queue worker management isn't feasible due to restrictions imposed by shared hosting environments, such as those utilizing Cpanel access exclusively, alternative strategies are required.

For non-time-sensitive queue tasks, like email dispatching, one approach involves integrating a task into the scheduler to initiate the queue worker at regular intervals. This ensures continuous queue processing despite the limitations.

To implement this method, insert the following line into the scheduler found in app\Console\Kernel.php:

Subsequently, configure a cron job to execute the scheduler. For Cpanel servers, the cron statement typically resembles:

In this command, replace {account_name} with the user account associated with Cpanel, and {project_directory} with the folder housing the Laravel application. This setup ensures that the queue is serviced every minute, maintaining efficient task handling even within restrictive shared hosting environments.


In this tutorial, we explored how to utilize Laravel Queues on shared hosting environments. By integrating a task into the cron scheduler, we can ensure continuous queue processing despite the limitations imposed by shared hosting environments. This approach is particularly useful for non-time-sensitive queue tasks, such as email dispatching, and provides a viable alternative to supervisor for queue worker management.

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