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Anuz Pandey
Nepson International CargoNepson International Cargo

As a dedicated developer for Nepson International Cargo Pvt Ltd, I take immense pride in contributing to their mission as a leading shipping agent and forwarding company in Nepal. Established in 2014 and headquartered in the capital city of Kathmandu, Nepson International Cargo has rapidly emerged as a reliable shipping partner, connecting Nepal to the world through an extensive network of global alliances and partnerships. Under the guidance of visionary leadership and a motivated team, I had the privilege to implement crucial features in their application, empowering seamless shipment management and expanding their reach across the globe.

Key Features Developed:

Shipment Management:

I developed a robust and versatile system that allows Nepson International Cargo to handle shipments of various types, including Air, Sea, and Land. This feature empowers the company to efficiently manage and track shipments throughout their journey.

Container Tracking:

To enhance shipment visibility, I implemented Container Tracking using Container Codes. This feature enables clients to track their cargo in real-time, ensuring transparency and peace of mind during the shipping process.

User Management with Roles and Permissions:

I integrated a user-friendly User Creation feature, enabling the company to manage roles and permissions for staff members effectively. This ensures secure access and control over various functionalities within the application.

Activity Logs:

To maintain a comprehensive record of all activities within the application, I integrated Spatie Activity Logs. This feature provides a detailed view of actions and changes made, facilitating easy monitoring and accountability.

Billing and Invoicing:

I implemented a seamless Billing feature, enabling Nepson International Cargo to create bills and invoices efficiently. This streamlines the financial aspect of their operations, ensuring smooth transactions with clients and partners.

Ledger Management:

For efficient customer relationship management, I developed a Ledger feature that stores essential details about users and customers. This consolidated information helps the company maintain accurate records and provide personalized services.

Booking System:

To simplify the booking process, I integrated a user-friendly Booking feature. This empowers clients to make reservations easily, enhancing their overall experience with Nepson International Cargo.

Database Backup:

To safeguard critical data, I implemented both manual and scheduled Database Backup functionalities. This ensures that vital information remains secure and recoverable in the event of any unforeseen circumstances.

Technology Stack:

The application's robust backend is powered by Laravel, ensuring a secure and efficient framework. I utilized Livewire, Vue3, Alpine.js, and Bootstrap for the frontend, creating a user interface that is intuitive, dynamic, and visually appealing.

Project Images:

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My collaboration with Nepson International Cargo Pvt Ltd has been both rewarding and enriching. Through the implementation of essential features, I have contributed to their mission of providing top-notch shipping and forwarding services in Nepal. The application's seamless shipment management, container tracking, user management, and billing functionalities have significantly enhanced the company's capabilities and client satisfaction. With a forward-thinking technology stack, I am proud to have played a crucial role in empowering Nepson International Cargo's global reach and efficiency in the shipping industry.

Roles in Project

  • UI/UX Designer
  • Frontend Developer
  • Backend Developer

Responsibilities & Features

  • ReDesign & Develop all website pages for all screen sizes.
  • Front and Back End Development.
  • Setup/Deployment of Web Application.

Technical Sheet

Some noteworthy technologies I got involved with while working on this project:

  • Laravel
  • Livewire
  • Bootstrap CSS
  • jQuery
  • Vue.js
  • Alpine.js
  • MySQL